Pawnshops "SAMALTIS"

Pawnshops of the "SAMALTIS" jewelry network are safe, convenient and profitable. In any of our branches you can always get the highest score at a low percentage.

  • Comfortable. Pawnshops "SAMALTIS" is the most affordable network of pawnshops in Moldova.
  • Fast. Loan processing in 5 minutes.
  • Profitable. Up to 1000 lei per gram of gold.

Jewelry can not only decorate your life, but also help out in a difficult situation! It was not for nothing that pawnshops appeared in medieval Europe - even then, moneylenders came up with the idea of taking valuables as collateral, lending people money in return.

Times change, but some things stay the same. For example, jewelry and their consistently high price. Therefore, even today you can apply to the pawnshops of the "SAMALTIS" jewelry store chain to get a cash loan secured by jewelry.

Our Pawnshop offers the highest value for your items and the lowest monthly percentage. We will be glad to see you in our branches.

Pawnshop and its mission

The mission of our pawnshop is to change attitudes towards the pawnshop business, making it a modern and convenient tool for solving specific financial problems. Therefore, the pawnshop offers the lowest monthly interest.

Pawnshop guarantees

  • highest rated products
  • lowest monthly interest
  • complete confidentiality of the transaction

Our pawnshop is the most profitable in the capital with the most favorable conditions for providing the amount of money you need.
We guarantee high-quality services on the most acceptable terms of cooperation.