Golden signet rings

A signet ring is a massive piece of jewelry that is worn on the finger. The signet ring differs from an ordinary ring in that it has some kind of insert - in the form of a signet or a precious stone.
People began to make rings even before they learned how to work with metal - the most common material for creating jewelry today. In ancient times, bone and stone were used for this, later they switched to roughly processed ceramics and metal. The function of an accessory and an element of style has become the main one for rings only recently, but initially their wearing was a sign of status or had the meaning of a religious symbol.
In the Roman Republic, senators and horsemen wore gold rings, while ordinary citizens wore iron rings. In the days of the Roman Empire, gold rings could be worn by all freeborn, silver - by freedmen. In Ancient Rus', rings could be worn by everyone, from the king to the peasant. Townswomen wore gold and silver rings with images, peasant women wore copper rings with geometric patterns.
Today, in the absence of the need to "sign" with the help of a ring, precious and semi-precious stones are often encrusted in the upper part. Most often, diamonds or cubic zirkonia, agate, onyx, obsidian, jasper and other often black crystals are combined with gold and silver. A signet ring may not contain a platform on top, but a convex figure in the shape of a lion's or eagle's head, as well as just a large stone. The more expressive the shape of the ring, the more likely its owner belongs to some social group, which is demonstrated by the decoration on the finger.
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