Gold earrings for girls

The modern market offers a wide range of jewelry so much so that choosing the “perfect” one can take not a few minutes, but a couple of hours or even days. Choosing children's gold earrings is no easier than choosing jewelry for adults.
For a girl, matching the design of the jewelry to her age plays an important role. It is unlikely that a fifteen-year-old girl will wear earrings in the form of bunnies or turtles; rather, she will opt for stylish models seen in photographs in a fashion magazine. A caring mother will never buy heavy intricate earrings for her one-year-old daughter, no matter how beautiful they are.
If the girl is actively interested in jewelry, be sure to let her take part in choosing gold earrings. For the smallest children, one pair of gold earrings is enough. The older your princess is, the more jewelry accumulates in her personal box - your gifts and gifts from relatives and friends take their place.
When choosing children's earrings, you need to consider:

  • Material - only gold. Of all the jewelry materials, gold is distinguished by its inertness and excellent physical characteristics. It does not oxidize or darken like silver.
  • Form. When buying earrings, choose models without protruding and pointed elements. Thus, you will protect the girl from the risk of injuring her skin during sleep and reduce the likelihood of tangling the earring in a hat or sweater neck.
  • Light weight. Gold earrings for girls under 7 years old should in no case be heavy, the maximum weight is 1.5 g for both earrings. The heavy weight of the jewelry will cause the earlobes to be pulled down.
  • Safe lock. The most suitable types of locks: studs, English and French. It is desirable that the gold stud earrings are fixed with a special nut screwed onto the pin through the thread. The shackle of an English lock can dig into the skin during sleep - this will only be found out by experience. Earrings with a French lock are more comfortable in everyday wear due to a flexible smooth loop, but they are easy to unfasten, which often leads to loss. In any case, the clasp should be simple enough for the child to handle opening and closing on their own.

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