Star of David

The Star of David or Magen (from Hebrew - "shield") David is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Jewish people, culture and faith. And if the menorah really has a thousand-year history of connection with the Jewish faith, then with the Star of David, not everything is so simple. Before becoming a symbol of an entire nation, the Star of David was used in other cultures: on artifacts and art objects in different parts of our planet.
In the last two centuries, the sky-blue Star of David has become a symbol of Jewish identity. No wonder it is placed on the Israel flag. However, the magical power of the six-pointed is recognized not only in the Holy Land. Among many peoples, a hexagram that harmoniously fits into a circle was considered a talisman against demons.
In different cultures, the Star of David was a sign of wisdom and freedom, life and hope. Archaeologists find an image of a six-pointed star in Pompeii and Crete, among the Gaonites and Etruscans. It was in use among the ancient Slavs and Egyptians, Celts and Hindus.
Many people firmly believe that the six-pointed Magen David is a Jewish symbol, and representatives of other religions are not allowed to wear it. However, an amulet with the Star of David can become a talisman for both a Jew and a Christian. The sacred hexagram protects a person, regardless of what faith he adheres to.
If you are often attacked by ill-wishers, you should use the Star of David as a talisman. A gold pendant with the image of this symbol will not only protect the owner from negativity, but also share positive energy with him. If you want to enjoy life in harmony with others and discover your deepest talents, wear a golden amulet with the Star of David.